7 thoughts on “Ireland: moss

  1. How Beautiful.. Moss is one of the most unappreciated plants..They create such an Ora of Mystery and a haven for a lot of undiscovered microbes and organisms..that are so important to a rich and healthy forest. much like the way the coral does for the great barrier reef. Thank you for sharing.. we don’t see much moss out here in the desert..

    GOD Bless,Rebecca

  2. Wow!! And thanks again soooo much for your poster. Already dropped it off at staples where it is being mounted and laminated!! Can’t wait to get it back and really do hope they will do a good job….. Love, Maria

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  3. And I thought I had lots of moss here in my woods! I spend lots of time photographing the mosses and lichens that grow here. Happy to see I’m not the only one entranced by their soft, green gorgeousness! I would be in heaven in Ireland. Thanks so much for sharing.

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