Birds of Beebe Woods (crow)

I’ve emerged from my months-long blissful state of stitching Birds of Beebe Woods, just long enough to show some process pictures of the crow, whom I’ve named Argyle.

He’s about 13″ from head to tail, with about 2 weeks worth of hand embroidery on his wool felt body.

Poster - Birds of Beebe Woods
Poster – Birds of Beebe Woods

From time to time, I’ll be posting photos of the other birds in the scene. See the introductory post about Birds of Beebe Woods here. This is a brief report–the birds are calling out, “September deadline, September deadline!”

Update: Posters and cards of Birds of Beebe Woods are available in my Etsy Shop.

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24 thoughts on “Birds of Beebe Woods (crow)

  1. Fabulous! Those stitches on the crow’s breast would make a great Fair Isle pattern in those colors. You could call it Beebe’s Fair Isle. 😉

  2. Absolutely fantastic…something definitely to CROW about! I would love to see this in person so will “stay tuned” to hear more about the finished project. Love this piece beyond words!

  3. Salley, I love the crow. Every time I read one of your posts, I wish that I was sitting beside you in your studio watching you work. Thank you for each post that shows your procedure. I really appreciate seeing how you work.

  4. Salley, you are a wonder! The detail, the color choices, the vision that all go into your creations leave me speechless. I look forward to every posting–please don’t ever stop! An awestruck fan-Cynthia

  5. Hi Sally, Argyle is stunning! I love your intricate stitching. I am a painter and often combine it with collage. Some of my large pieces resemble quilts that I thought you might like to check out, (no beautiful stitching though!) I also have done a series of 3 paintings on crows. I love them!
    Best wishes,

  6. HI 🙂 Found your blog via Needleprint.
    I’m a stumpworker – and I love birds. Can you talk about making Arglye’s feet? Wrapped wire? He has weeny little claws! Wonderful!

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