Autographed books on Etsy

Autographed books are now in my Etsy shop. Over the years, I’ve heard from people who’d like autographed copies or people from other parts of the world who have trouble finding my books. So now, autographed copies of Pocketful of Posies and Felt Wee Folk are listed in my shop. I would love to offer all of my out-of-print books (see BOOKS Page), but in most cases they sold out before I was able to buy extra copies from the publisher. For In the Heart, HarperCollins did send a letter with an option to buy remainder books, so those are available for a good price on Etsy.

Here are a group of details from  In the Heart. The children’s clothes are made from cotton socks and I made the baskets by coiling wire and wrapping with embroidery floss. I used lots of found objects in this book and constructed furniture and windows out of wood. The hearts in the window are cut out of some of my kid’s Waldorf School watercolor paintings. And yes, that is a chess pawn on the window sill.

Of course, price wise, I can’t compete with Amazon, but I can offer autographed books and free extras, such as posters. Pocketful of Posies comes with a free 18″x 18″ poster (folded flat) of the jacket cover and Felt Wee Folk comes with a free 18″ x 24″ Fairies poster (folded flat). As well, I will be happy to personally inscribe your books- just write a request when you place an order with Etsy.

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