perfect Woods Hole morning

At 8am this morning, the water was calm under sunny skies, the humidity was low and the temperature was perfect for a bike ride into Woods Hole.

There was hardly anyone about on Water St. and Eel Pond was still. I enjoy this time of year, especially on a sleepy Sunday morning, when the weather is superb and the summer people haven’t come yet. In a matter of weeks, the crowds will descend, bringing an exciting, but wearing energy. Having been a year ’rounder since childhood, the change seems natural to me, like a built-in part of the seasonal shift. For more recent “winter folks” it can be an annoying adjustment. 

Skiffs will be jammed up around the pond’s edge. This morning, pollen floated and swirled on top of the water.

Decks and porches will be full of people.

And dinghies will fill every spot along the Yacht Club piers. Here we come summer of ’12!

10 thoughts on “perfect Woods Hole morning

  1. Wow Salley, what a beautiful place you do live. It looks like one of those picture book spots where you fish all day and light sparklers at night while eating watermelon and noodle salad on a porch. Lucky you!

  2. Looks heavenly no matter when…what a wonderful place to enjoy yourself. We recently had some time away in Cape May and found it to be quite peaceful there too, as they prepare for, and await, the onslaught of the summer season which will start next weekend. I think the locals look forward to the busyness (as well as the income), but then are oh so glad to see the summer season come to an end…as the vacationers head home. Thanks for sharing your peaceful Sunday morning with us.

  3. I’ve never noticed how very tranquil a harbor be on a Sunday, almost as if it too like us folks, it too deserves a day of rest. Thank you for sharing Salley.

  4. Hi Salley, I live on the Cape too, in Sandwich. Spring and Fall are the best times of year. Summer is beautiful, but sometimes hard with the crowds…I don’t mind it though, our visitors keep the economy running and everyone should be able to enjoy such a beautiful part of our Country. 🙂 Have a great summer.

  5. I too live on, and grew up on an island but mine is in the middle of Puget Sound in Washington State. We also get an influx of summer people as well as many weekend tourists. I remember 1 end of summer bonfire with a count of 52 kids. They all went home the next day and I once again became the only child on my beach.

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