RISD reunion in SF

Ashley Wolff, Salley, Julie Downing

We’re back home and the snow peas in the garden have grown an inch. It’s going to be the earliest harvest yet! One of the highlights of our trip west was a visit with some RISD classmates in San Francisco.  Rob and I had such a great time catching up with Ashley Wolff, Julie Downing and her husband Scott Slotterback. I swear, we didn’t plan our coordinated blue tops and jeans. Earlier in the day, I gave a talk at the Academy of Art University, where Julie teaches illustration classes.  In the evening we gathered at Julie and Scott’s art-filled house.

RISD grads, Salley, Julie, Ashley and Scott

Julie and I figured out that it’s been 29 years since we’ve seen each other. Ashley came to visit me last summer, which I wrote about here. Even Polly Doll made new friends. We took her picture with the little boy from Julie’s book, White Snow, Blue Feather and Miss Bindergarten from Ashley’s book’s.

Julie presented me with my old RISD meal card mug shot. I have no memory of the card, but apparently we were too unreliable to carry cards on our persons and had our pictures displayed on a board in the cafeteria. She had kept it all these years in a folder with other RISD memorabilia.

I look like a mixture of Pocahontas and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Thanks for such a good time, Julie! All these years, we’ve all been caught in the family and career vortex, so it’s great to finally reunite and still have fun together!

5 thoughts on “RISD reunion in SF

  1. Love this one too…your old ID pix could fit right in with the “Hunger Games”. It sounds like you had a fantastic reunion with your classmates…and I know their book characters well. You are all truly gifted and oh so talented! Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Glad you had a good trip. Must have been fun meeting up with your old school mates. Love the braids-I used to wear my long hair like that in high school!

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