Wee Yo Yo Ma

My little friend Celeste has made several wee folk dolls and the latest is a miniature Yo Yo Ma. Celeste is studying cello and she had the opportunity to see him perform in Hyannis last week.  The doll and a card were given to an assistant, who was to pass it on to Yo Yo himself.  The doll is appropriately dressed in a black tuxedo, with wire rimmed glasses, holding a cut-out cello. Thank you, Celeste, for making such a nice gift and letting me share it. I’m sure that Yo Yo will be thrilled!

8 thoughts on “Wee Yo Yo Ma

  1. How creative and cute is that? Celeste is a cutie, too. What a great idea she had!

    Finally saw your work in person in Bratteboro, VT, this past weekend. So wonderful in person! Superb work! It was fun to remember when you made some of the pieces from reading your blog. (Watched the video, too.) Blogged it yesterday. What a wonderful venue for a show!

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