Happy Hibernation

I thought I’d come out of my blissful hibernation just long enough to show a few pictures of my studio in its current state of messiness (productivity). For some people, winter is to be endured, but I love this time of year, when I can spent hours working on projects, with less distractions. Last winter I spent 4 months working on the Rabbitat piece. See the short film and posts about it here. This winter, I’ve started constructing scenery and characters to use in stop-motion animation, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My husband, Rob and I are working together on the project and have started experimenting. We’re not ready to show anything or describe the story yet and are still in the early learning stages of the production. The process is incredibly time-consuming and we’ll be happy if we can put together a 2 minute film. I guess I wanted to show that I’m busy working!

14 thoughts on “Happy Hibernation

  1. It does appear that you have been very busy working! Constructing sets and 3-d figures does take so much time – I’m sure it will be amazing when you’re finished. How nice to have your hubby as a creative partner, too!

  2. I’m already imagining all kinds of wonderful story lines involving those delightful sheep. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  3. Hi Salley,

    I remember many years ago doll artist Lenore Davis visited my doll club in San Diego. I’ll never forget her opening slide show. She took one of her acrobat figures, posed it in many different ways, then ran through the slides really fast. Kind of a low tech stop motion animation, but very effective! It will be so fun to see your film — whether it’s 2 or 20 minutes!

    Thea Church

  4. Love seeing your studio and all the productivity! Makes me feel so much better about the productive??!! state I get myself into as well. Good luck with your exciting new plans. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  5. I feel the same way about winter – love to get involved in a big, messy creative project! My worktable looks even worse than yours, I think! (Oh well, I’ll clean it up when the project is done!). Looking forward to seeing your new creations and to seeing your art here in Mahopac this summer!

  6. You certainly are busy. I love seeing the studio with all of your “found items” being put to good use. It will be exciting to hear more about your newest production, and to see it eventually too. I remember hearing how much time Nick Park invested in his claymation animation (for his Wallace and Gromit shorts and longs) and it amazed me. I would think it is a similar process for you. Good wishes and lots of blessings as you proceed, and have fun this winter. The season of cold, wind and for your being super productive is already a third over, and it looks like you have made great use of the time and your talents. Thanks again for keeping us all posted.

  7. Anything new you have created always intrigues me. I would love to “play” for a day in your studio…there are so many bits and clips of nature and fantasy. So many inspiring twigs, branches and slips of fabric waiting to take form. You have a wonderful imagination.

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