Turkey (cruising)

Last fall, our trip started with a week on a chartered 40′ boat. After loading up with supplies, we embarked from the town of Bodrum on the southern coast of Turkey.

We thought our “gulet’ would be a sailing ship, but the mast and boom held no sails or rigging. It seems that these traditional style boats are rarely seen under sail and are used primarily as motor boats.

There were 4 passengers and 3 crew, including a cook who introduced us to some wonderful Turkish food.

We had beautiful weather, without a drop of rain.

Our captain took us to some secluded harbors.

It was late in the season, so we didn’t see many other boats except for a few fishing vessels.

Some spots had trails which took us to inland homesteads, like this farm.

This cove is called “Cleopatra’s beach”. Who knows if she ever came here, but it’s on a little island with ancient relics all over the place.  

There’s an impressive amphitheatre…

with huge trees growing out of the stone seating.

And what is left of the town’s buildings.

The Mediterranean looked beautiful!

The hills in the background are on the mainland.

One time an ice cream boat came by!

A week on the water was a wonderful, relaxing way to be start our visit to Turkey.

We headed back to Bodrum (I’ll show more in a future post) and flew to Istanbul the next day.

8 thoughts on “Turkey (cruising)

  1. What an enchanting trip you took here. An ice cream boat I’ve never heard of one of those! My family liked Turkey the best of all on a trip last year, they went to Ephesus for one and really enjoyed it.

  2. My husband and I are mapping out our world travels for the next few years and your trip to Turkey looks amazing. Did you use a particular touring company? I’d love to get some tips for where to start. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry that your gulet didn’t sail. We are part of a campaign to bring sailing back to gulets by training the crew to feel comfortable under sail. We also encourage gulets to participate in the annual Bodrum Cup regatta. Hopefully your next cruise will allow you to experience the power of the wind on these beautiful vessels.

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