Piano Pin

An old friend asked me to make a pin for his wife. Even though I don’t usually do commissions, I couldn’t say no to this request.  

David Wiesner (the amazing children’s book illustrator) and I were in the same class at RISD (1978) and he bought some of my pins back then. See posts about my pins here. He gave them to his future wife, Kim Kahng, who was a student at Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia during that time. At RISD, David and I were lucky enough to have David McCaulay as a teacher. See the pyramid pin I gave him here. Several years ago, David and Kim’s apartment was destroyed by a fire and everything was lost, including the pins.  Years passed and David was reminded of the pins when we recently got back in touch. He thought it would be nice for Kim to have a new pin. I found out that she is a pianist and since I had just returned from visiting Istanbul, where carpets are sold at every street corner, I made a piano flying on a carpet. The pin is about 1 1/4″ x 2″. As you can see I made use of hooks and eyes. David reports that Kim is wearing the pin every day! I’m amazed at how the pins I made 35 years ago still hold memories.

15 thoughts on “Piano Pin

  1. You have gone way beyond even yourself with this pin, Salley. The hooks and eyes – oh to have your vision. I looked at the piano and wondered if you hinged the lid so it lifted up to show all the strings inside. That would be just like you….The carpet is captivating.

  2. Salley, the piano is wonderful and your use of the hooks and eye are so cleaver. The rug is so imaginative. We were in Turkey not too long ago and I agree with you that rugs are sold where ever you look. Some how, I came home without a new rug. As always, I love your work and have introduced my grandchildren to your books.

  3. Hi Salley! I’ll add to the chorus – the pin is wonderful. I read your other pin posts (Nice to hear about Niki!). You say you don’t recall making a doctor’s bag. I don’t know if you made more than one, but I had you make one for Kim our senior year! Sadly lost in the fire – but now replaced with a beautiful piano, her true passion. Thanks again.

  4. I love David’s books (have several and used them all while teaching second grade) and love your original designed pin for his wife. Thanks for letting us all know about this great gift of friendship, which Kim can wear with love.

  5. Oh, my, what a darling pin you have made.! The story was very touching, too. I cannot imagine losing all one’s handmade items! It was wonderful that you made this special piece for your friend. Such a clever design, too! Loved seeing this.

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