14 thoughts on “Turkey (doorways)

  1. Really liked this post – so many different ones too. I did the same thing in Ireland Salley, there is something very interesting about the entry into homes when you travel. Looking forward to the window one also.

  2. Nice photographs. Doorways certainly make for an interesting picture. I’ve heard that Turkey is one of the hidden gems in the world as far as travel destinations go. Would you say this is true?

  3. Very much shows the personality of Turkey – which looks far more interesting than I had imagined from all the photos you have posted. I love the intricate tile work. I love doorways too – my niece received a gift of a poster of doorways in Ireland – rows and rows of them – and I was quite envious LOL! It was amazing.

  4. Gorgeous! I recommend Salzburg, Austria, if you especially love doorways. Most of my pictures of Salzburg are of Steingasse’s beautiful doorways.

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