Rabbitat – part 5 (garden gate)

I added the garden gate about half way through the process of making Rabbitat. Since I changed the design from horizontal to vertical, I needed something in the lower right to balance the rabbit topiary on the left. I also wanted to create  a transition from the foreground to the background and make an an entrance into the rabbit world.

I selected some driftwood and carved joints into the pieces. I then drilled holes in the joints and glued the pieces together with wire in the holes for reinforcement.

On a jig saw, I cut out a wooden rabbit shape to put on top of the gate.

I wanted bars in the gate, so I bent some 32 gauge cloth-covered wire and wrapped it with embroidery floss.

Then I had to figure out what to use for hinges and a latch. I got out my collection of little metal do-dads, but wasn’t satisfied with how they looked. Shiny metal didn’t seem to fit in the rabbit’s world. I ended up using clay tube beads for the hinges and wrapped wire for the latch.

I worked around the gate for many weeks, sewing the tree and constructing parts of the scene’s landscape.

I created a felt stone pathway leading to the gate, with french knot moss. Thinking ahead, I stitched my initials into the design on the right hand corner.

To see more posts in this series and to view the Rabbitat film click here.

16 thoughts on “Rabbitat – part 5 (garden gate)

  1. Love seeing your process, helps me with creating and thinking of ways to do things. I wanted to add some wood sticks to a piece, but wasn’t sure about attaching it, do you use glue? I collect sticks and let them dry in the basement, you never know when you might need some;)


  2. Dear Sally

    Mary Corbet from Needle ‘n Thread has just reviewed your book Pocketful of Posies. Love how you created the Nursery Rhymes figures and I love your Christmas decorations beautiful when are you going to arrange an online course would love to participate.

    Regards Anita Simmance

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