see Rabbitat film

The Rabbitat film can now be seen on this blog. I finally had time to add a new page that has the film and other posts related to Rabbitat, which you can get to here. The film takes a while to load before you can watch all 7.25 minutes at once. I hope you enjoy it!


26 thoughts on “see Rabbitat film

  1. The film is fabulous! With every additional glimpse of the rabbitat the more I am amazed with your creativity and sewing skills. The tree branches wound with all the thread! And your rabbit family is perfect. How do you make their legs so nice and fat?

  2. I’ve watched 3 or 4 times and I just love it. It is calming to watch you sew and the gathering of “stuff” or walking along the steps to the shore reminds me of times that I had opportunity to do that. I’m just in awe of your work. thanks so much. helen

  3. What a wonderful film! I loved it! It was great getting to know you, to see a little about your process, and to see your work animated. Just loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you so very much for this lesson in patience and being at peace with the world. We are currently working to begin some remodeling at our over 80 year old house…and your quote, “putting the house in order before we go out” hit the nail on the head. I want to have our overly-stuffed house be ready for the next stewards who will hopefully enjoy living here as much as we have. Raising a family in a house, indeed makes it a home, and I finally have come to realize why this long planned, and often delayed, renovation project is important to me. I hope to have the house ready and orderly before “I move on”! Being a lover of minutiae, your Rabbitat habitat delights me to pieces, and seeing you create it helps me to try to balance the details of my life with the bigger picture of what really matters. Thank you so much…I still hope to get to Brattleboro to see the exhibit in person so I can begin to fully comprehend your efforts and creations. Being a life-long lover of bunnies, your newest piece truly charms me, so thank you again for all you have done and continue to do…the video is perfectly produced to relay your message of joy in what you do, as you make others happy. And isn’t that the true purpose of life?

  5. I just love the world you have created! You have an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing it in such a gentle, beautiful way. Peace~ Liz

  6. Thank you so much for your art; it is so beautiful and real! It makes the world a more peaceful and graceful place. All the best to you*

  7. Wow–that was so much fun! The opening scene as the letters form is fantastic! The whole video is great–lots of fun to watch. It is really beautiful where you live…and your studio is super! Nice to meet you! Hope you do more of these!! Serendipity!

  8. Oh, I hate to be a pain, but I just got my fried computer back from the repair shop and it has a new hard drive with no programs. I just get a red X where the film is and can’t tell what program it is playing on – I have been longing to see it! Can you tell me what program I would need to view it?

    • Jan, Sorry, but I don’t know what program you’ll need. It’s a mystery to me. I can watch it on my new laptop, but not my desktop computer. I hope that you find a way to see the film, eventually.

  9. What bliss to watch and what a treat to see the layering of your work and listen to the ethic behind your characters.
    Your a little like a modern day Beatrix Potter lol
    Dont ‘move on’ just yet!

  10. Oh my! Loving rabbits and small worlds and coziness and softness, your creations are incredible! This video, the music, the whole production is one to watch again and again. Thank you so much for your imagination and ability to make tangible creations!

  11. I’m having five dear friends over for tea this afternoon, I have promised them a special “treat” – that will be your wonderful video. Thank you for sharing, I adore the little rabbits and attempting to make one will be my next project.


  12. Yay, I loaded Adobe Flashplayer and was able to view it. Rabbitat is just an amazing piece and the film was very well done! Have you thought of having a poster done of the Rabbitat piece? I’d sure buy one!

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