uncommon scent dolls

Almost 30 years ago, I made and sold a slew of these sachets, of which I have only one left. The Uncommon Scent Dolls were about 4 inches tall and filled with pleasant smelling spices, leaves and petals. The pattern is the same as the Nativity dolls I showed in an earlier post here.

Uncommon Scent doll, 1982

I remember picking out different woven fabrics and using the selvage edge as much as possible. This was back in the days when I used the zigzag feature on my sewing machine for the appliqued parts.

I also made these Matruska doll sachets, modeled after the Russian wooden nesting dolls.

doll sachets, 1985

11 thoughts on “uncommon scent dolls

  1. Did you have the pattern in one of the magazines. I will have to check mine, but I do have several older issues with nativities and one looks like that. I have been wanting to make one, maybe this is the year.


  2. I love the simplicity of these dolls…and have always loved Russian nesting dolls. Your version makes a great cloth sachet doll…very charming. Thanks again!

  3. Inspiration, I have some small pieces of hand woven fabric that I’ve been saving for a special project. They would just about make a tiny doll of this type. Wonderful faces. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These types of dolls are so popular now. You were ahead of your time! They are wonderful!

    (I, too, loved to zig-zag on the machine and made and sold appliqued aprons and tote bags. Some of my aprons are still in use 30 years later.) I used interfacing on the back of the appliques…did you?

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