talk at Sandwich Library

Titcomb’s Bookshop has arranged for me to come and talk about my books at the Sandwich Public Library on Cape Cod next week. The event will be held on Tuesday Nov. 16th, from 10:30am to 11:30am. I will read from my books and talk about my illustrations. I’ll also bring along some original fabric relief artwork, including some from my board books, Hey! Diddle, Diddle and Wee Willie Winkie.

Detail from Wee Willie Winkie, "Are the children in their beds?'

Titcomb’s Bookshop will be selling Pocketful of Posies at the event, which I will be happy to sign. One person has said, “This is a nursery rhyme book to keep until you’re old and doddering”, so it’s not just for children!

5 thoughts on “talk at Sandwich Library

  1. I pre-ordered Posies in May with another book on Amazon. The other book has delayed publishing–I guess. So, I have not received Posies yet!Glad I can come here to see photos.

    Those little babies are adorable! Do I see a walnut shell? A sea shell? A milk pod? That little dog and cow—so cute! And the kitty, too!

    Do you hang your work in your home? How do you store it? Do you have to be careful of fading? I have some old dolls here with faded felt clothing.

    • Hi Helen,
      My work is somewhat protected from fading under UV glass in frames. Either that or pack them away in plastic bags to keep items out of the sun and away from moths. Also, put small wool items in the freezer from time to time to kill moths.

      • Thanks! I do store them with acid free tissue paper and with cedar balls. They are stored away from light as are most of my dolls…even the new ones.

        But, I could NEVER store away art work like yours. I would want to enjoy it on a daily basis. You put so much work in them– it would be a pity for them to fade. That is a brilliant idea to use UV glass in frames…never though about that.

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