Woods Hole houses

Over the summer, I took these pictures of some of my favorite houses and rose bushes in Woods Hole. I’ve been riding my bike around these streets for 50 years, but am looking at the same sights with a new eye through my camera.  

Albatros St., Woods Hole

For the most part, the village has charming, modest sized houses on small lots. Many were originally built as summer cottages. With water on 3 sides, growth has long reached full capacity. Values are high and properties are kept in the family, rarely going on the market.

Albatros St., Woods Hole

Does this sound too much like a real estate ad? I just want to give an overview of the neighborhood. So far, the trend toward McMansions has been held at bay!

Buzzards Bay Ave., Woods Hole

Quissett Ave., Woods Hole

5 thoughts on “Woods Hole houses

  1. Next to olde England, I love New England best with your neck of the woods at the top of the list. Haven’t been to Woods Hole and Famouth for too many years. Nice knowing its still there and still charming.

  2. So glad the McMansions have not trodden on all the charming houses in your part of the world! These remind me of old houses I used to see on Long Island, NY, where I grew up. I had the privilege of living in an old Cape Cod style house one year on LI and loved how cleverly every nook and cranny was put to use.

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