Doll Collection (Scandanavian couple)

I’d like to share these Scandinavian dolls from my family’s collection. They were either bought by my parents or grandparents in Europe. I have clear memories of playing with this pair of 5″ tall dolls. They are sturdy, with wire bodies and limbs, so they could actually do things, unlike Barbie dolls.

My blogging friend and official doll consultant, Helen from Dollzandthings says, “They look earlier than 50’s to me–maybe 40’s or even late 30’s. It is very hard to identify some of these costume/souvenir dolls because there were so many talented people making dolls–including souvenir dolls and cottage industries. Your dolls seem to have the cutest traits of all the doll makers combined:  great facial expression & painting and great costuming.”
Thank you, Helen for your help. I’ll be seeking your expertise with other dolls from the collection in the future.

Their heads and bodies are covered with stockinette. The clothing is either thin wool felt or cotton. The faces are delicately painted, with some needle sculpting around the mouth and eyes. I love their wispy hair.

9 thoughts on “Doll Collection (Scandanavian couple)

  1. Oh, what a treat to see these dolls! I have never seen such cute faces and I can certainly see that they are made with love! It appears to me that they are dressed in a Norwegian style. Thank you so much for showing us these dear family babies.

  2. Too cute! I am a doll collector and I can tell you that these dolls are indeed Norwegian. It’s so great that you still have them. Do you think they gave you any inspiration, Salley?

  3. Hi.
    Your little dolls were made by the Norwegian doll artist Ronnaug Petterssen in the late 30’s. You will find more ifromation about her by using google. She continued making dolls until she passed away in the 70’s, She also made larger dolls, up to 18 inches, wearing detailed Norwegian National costumes.
    Kind regards.

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