Ojai House

Last week I was in Ojai, California, staying at the wonderful Oaks at Ojai Spa. After a long hard winter spent mending my broken wrist and concussion, it was wonderful to eat healthy food and excercise in a beautiful place. I’m feeling rejuvenated and like myself again. It’s as if I went away for “the cure”.  One morning, we went for an early brisk walk around Ojai and saw this most adorable house with a live oak in front. After we returned to the spa, I grabbed my camera and rushed back to take pictures in the early morning light.

11 thoughts on “Ojai House

  1. This little Ojai cottage and garden takes my breath away! Love the dappled early morning sunlight dancing across the succulent garden. I hope ‘The Cure’ has helped to knit together your recovery and given you the gifts of renewal. Thank you for sharing with us, All the Best, Nikki

  2. As an artist, I can’t even imagine suffering a broken wrist and concussion! I am so sorry for your experience, but delighted that you found such a lovely place to mend! The pictures are marvelous. May you stitch the most fantastic pieces EVER after having this “down time”!

  3. What a charming garden and house. I think this little slice of time will stay with you and may even inspire you for a future piece.
    Thanks for sharing this tranquil little space.

  4. Salley – it’s like something from a favorite book. A place you always would picture when someone talked about cozy – or safe – small and nestled. I love the view of the mountains.

  5. Salley, what a nice surprise running into you on the Woods Hole Bus as you returned from your spa trip and Margaret and I returned from our Boston mini vacation! This looks like a wonderful respite you had!

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