Fairie Festival (masks)

Fairies and other fanciful creatures come to Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania every spring. The 19th annual May Day Fairie Festival will be from April 30 to May 2nd this year. Wee Folk Studio was a vendor at the festival for a few years, when we sold fairy kits. One of the highlights of the weekend is seeing the costumes that people have made to wear at the event. If you live anywhere within driving distance of southern Pennsylvania, go to this fair! You will feel out-of-place unless you wear a costume or at least something celebratory.  We have a lot of pictures, so in the future, I’ll be posting more photos from past festivals. These masks are made by Mythical Designs.

Here are some gorgeous green men who came by our tent in 2005. Their incredible leather masks are made by Fantasy Guild Studios, which will have a booth at the Fairie Festival this year.

3 thoughts on “Fairie Festival (masks)

  1. Hello there,
    I came across your website and pictures rather accidentally, but it great to see the pictures there! I have only seen a few of us and our work from that year. The masks are actually my work, that of http://www.mythicaldesigns.com and those green men are my Brothers from http://www.bogbrothers.org. I remember you booth well, you do great work. I am the fellow in the Leaf Crown. The rose seller and dragon were part of my crew as well.

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