Close-ups (rabbits)

“Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.”  Zen saying

With spring comes hope and eggs and rabbits. This series begins with a childhood drawing of a rabbit hauling an Easter egg in a wagon. Then there’s a wool tweed rabbit from a 1986 piece called “Picking Peas” (see on earlier post) and a painted faux tile that’s in my kitchen. See all the faux tiles in another post here. A rabbit tucked in bed from my book, In the Heart, comes next. Two projects from Felt Wee Folk appear; a felt pin made with a rabbit button and an appliqued felt purse.

crayon drawing by Salley, age 6

crayon drawing by Salley, age 6


detail from "Picking Peas" 1986

detail from “Picking Peas” 1986


from faux tile

faux tile 1993

detail from "In the Heart" 2001

detail from “In the Heart” 2001


felt pin from "Felt Wee Folk" 2003

felt pin from “Felt Wee Folk” 2003

felt purse 2003

felt purse from “Felt Wee Folk” 2003

Note: See other posts in the Close-ups series archive here.

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