Treasures (red hat couple)

This eccentric pair belonged to my grandmother. The butterfly catcher and the lady with the mushroom hat are about 4″ tall, with hollow crocheted skirts to make them stand. I have no idea where they were made, but they look German or Scandinavian. His glasses and butterfly net and her wood-handled umbrella are remarkable details. I love their sculped fabric faces, even ears on the man!

3 thoughts on “Treasures (red hat couple)

  1. These are wonderful! I collect and make small cloth cloth dolls. I have not seen these before but I agree about their origin. Treasures indeed! These are utterly charming, so well made and loaded with personality. Thanks for posting these. They are magical!

  2. Salley,
    I just found your blog today and am so happy I did. I have admired your work for many years. I too am a textile artist and as I read through several of your blog posts I connected so strongly with your experiences of trying to figure out your own style. The information you shared about your RISD experience and your mentor were encouraging to me. You were passing on her gift to you. Thank you.

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