Lithographs 1977

In art school, I took printmaking classes and especially liked lithography. I can’t remember all the details of how the process works, but this printing technique involves drawing with a greasy crayon or painting an oily black liquid on lime stone. Then the stone surface is treated somehow so that when ink is rolled on, it just sticks to the drawing. Then wet paper is placed on the stone, which is put through a press.    

"One More Year" hand colored lithograph 1977

During this period, in 1977, I was experimenting with my drawing style and intentionally trying to move away from realism, toward a more spontaneous and playful way of working. I wanted to make images that were as fresh and uninhibited as a child’s drawing. This print of a birthday party was  drawn with my left hand so that I wouldn’t easily slip into “trained artist” mode. The lithograph was printed in black and then I hand painted each one. Unable to stop the urge to collage, I added dot stickers to the table-cloth.    

detail of "One More Year"

I made a series of play themed prints in black and white, enjoying the ability to make shades of gray on the lime stone. I didn’t continue with more advanced classes, where I would have learned about color printing and registration.   

"Playing" lithograph 1977

detail from "Playing" lithograph 1977

'Life Drawing" lithograph 1977

detail from "Life Drawing" lithograph 1977

I tried a new image transfer technique using xerox copies and incorporated some pictures of musical instruments. Looking at these prints, I can remember the feel of the cool, smooth lime stone and the satisfaction of peeling back the damp rag paper, revealing a mirror image of my work.  

detail from "Music Play" lithograph 1977

detail from "Music Play" lithograph 1977

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