Close-ups (winter houses)

Houses appear so frequently in my artwork that I’ve divided them up into categories to show you in this Close-ups series. When you think about it, the shape is just a square with a triangle on top that can be depicted in any color and style to bring mood and stability. And houses are strong symbols of security that I seem to want in my pictures. This collection of winter houses starts with the winter section of a 4 seasons drawing I made at age 7. Then there’s a detail from a fabric relief piece called “Skating”. The next three are from the books, You and Me: Poems of Friendship, The Hollyhock Wall and Pocketful of Posies, which will be published in Sept., 2010.

by Salley at age 7

detail from “Skating” 1986

from “You and Me: Poems of Friendship” 1997

detail from “The Hollyhock Wall” 1999

from “Pocketful of Posies” 2010

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5 thoughts on “Close-ups (winter houses)

  1. Dear Salley,

    I like the thoughtful way you assemble work from different times of your life. You are quite lucky to have so much art from when you were little. I love the way you include non-fabrics in your fabric illustrations…especially driftwood. Beth

  2. Dear Sally,

    Thank you for sharing your charming ‘House Continuum’ and the sneak peek at your latest creations. These soon to be published books will be cherished by children and their parents for years to come. Your fiber art skills draw us all into your stories and their adventures. The gentle nature of your art reminds all hearts to find renewal and comfort amongst our lives and nature’s wonders.

  3. I especially enjoy the fabric choices you used for the tree bark in the ‘Skating’ picture and the way the “snow” lace is used on the driftwood in the last picture. Thank you for sharing these collections of work.

  4. I love the latest addition – I just did my twins room in the same teal and red colors ! How funny is that ? It reminds me of my littlest who has always got his finger “in the pie”. Great walk thru .

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