Close-ups (foxes)

Maybe it’s because of their warm color and their pointy ears, noses and tails, but I find foxes appealing. This group of foxes starts with a detail from “Laplander”, a tempera painting on brown paper, which I did in art school. Then there’s the tail portion of a wooden toy I made in 1986 and a “faux” tile I painted in my kitchen in the early 90’s. See all of the faux tiles in another post here. Next is a felt purse, which I used to sell as a kit about 10 years ago and then a detail from my 2001 children’s book, In the Heart.   

detail from "Laplander", 1976

detail from wooden toy fox, 1986

detail of faux tile, 1993

Fox felt purse kit, 2000

detail from the book, "In the Heart", 2001

Note: See other posts in the Close-ups series archive here.

7 thoughts on “Close-ups (foxes)

    • Thanks for asking about my arm. I had surgery yesterday and it went very well. They put in a metal plate to hold some bone fragments together. Now airport security will be entertaining.

  1. Oh my surgery! I hope all is well. What a handsome fellow ! I am amazed at all the goodies you have – it’s a fascinating peek at where your art has come from. Thanks so much for sharing !!!

  2. I like your fox collection. We live in an urban neighborhood with foxes! I’m amazed when I hear of foxes here. Neighbors have also seen deer, turkeys, and coyotes! In my backyard I have seen possum, brown snake, and salamander. I particularly admire your tile. I am dreaming about something special to do in our kitchen…This gives me some good ideas. love, Beth

  3. Your foxes are wonderful… If you have not seen Wes Anderson’s film “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, I think you would really enjoy it. It is a visual feast for the eyes and the script is quite delightful. Best wishes for continued good healing.

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