Snow and granola

I’ll add to the multitude of snow pictures being posted on the eastern seaboard today. We woke up to about a foot and a half of the white stuff this morning.

Rob got out his beloved Kabota tractor and plowed the driveway, while Ian and I shoveled.


For my friends and neighbors, I made a huge batch of granola and filled up a dozen quart canning  jars. For the labels, I cut paper circles with wavy scissors and decorated them with stamps, stickers and a dye cutter that cuts out tiny leaves. Then I stick them to the canning jar tops with double sticky tape and tied ribbon around.

1 thought on “Snow and granola

  1. Thank you Salley, for your blog. I love reading about and seeing what you are doing, and where you are getting your inspiration. The photos of the last snowstorm made me feel like “old-fashioned” Christmas blizzards are still possible! Here in the Poconos of PA, we had just a few inches, but seeing the light, fluffy piles of enormous amounts of snow were very reflective for me. So thank you for sharing some of your daily thoughts and occurrences. I also appreciate your comment about making boy-friendly items since we have two grown sons, although we now have one granddaughter who seems to love dolls and their accessories. I hope that she will enjoy sewing and making ephemera art as she gets a wee bit older. Thank you again for your latest entries and for being so giving! Sincerely and gratefully, Pam H.

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