Snowy Monday

We drove around town this morning, marveling at the snowy scenery, which made everything look like a Christmas card. Here are some photos of Falmouth and Woods Hole.

Falmouth Historical Society

Nobska Lighthouse, Woods Hole

Nobska Beach, Woods Hole

house on Falmouth Village Green

Crowell House, Woods Hole

bed & breakfast, Falmouth

4 thoughts on “Snowy Monday

  1. Oh, wow, what beautiful photos! I have been visiting Falmouth and Woods Hole for over 30 years with my boyfriend, who then became my husband. His family owns a small vacation house in Falmouth Heights. But, the thing is, I’ve only been there in the summer. It’s so special to see these places in their snowy splendor. We have lived on the west coast for most of those 30 years and have never traveled there in the winter, so this is a treat!

    By the way, I just started reading through all your blog archives and I’m loving it! Thanks so much.

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