Little Red, White and Blue


The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) turn to the classics to tell an age-old cautionary tale about hidden danger and hoodwinking, which is as relevant today as it was in the time of the Grimm Brothers. In this latest installment of the American Drama Series, Little Red, White and Blue meets Big Bad Bannon.


The backstage crew scoured the storeroom for furniture and props to enhance the indoor set, including hints at Big Bad Bannon’s hidden persona. An article from his distinct wardrobe hanging on the bed post is an obvious clue, as is his instruction manual.

Also, you can tell a lot about someone by what they keep on their bedside table. Explosive rhetoric (c/o GI Joe) could come in handy when “blowing up the establishment”.

Pausing on a cliff hanger, this episode begs for a sequel. Will Little Red, White and Blue succeed in her quest for truth and survive being tested to the limit by Big Bad Bannon and his front man?


And now for a glimpse behind the scenes: Make Up and Costuming devised Big Bad’s convincing guise for the scene in Grandma’s house.


The part of Little Red, White and Blue is played by a child star who relished the idea of stepping out of her previous roles and into a more edgy drama.


Here’s an overhead view of the wooded snow scene in the studio.


The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) formed after the 2016 election and have performed a string of episodes in the American Drama Series. To keep up with new posts, subscribe to this blog (top right column on the home page). For a wide ranging look at new and old material from my studio, please follow along on Instagram and Facebook.And to find out about Salley Mavor’s post-election satire, please read this interview.


21 thoughts on “Little Red, White and Blue

  1. As usual, you’ve done it again! Love it! He looks…oh so sinister…but you have covered him beautifully! Keep it coming!!

  2. Salley, your attention to detail is amazing. This scene is beautiful. The cautionary tale is right on. I can’t wait to see how this develops.
    Thank you for your continued efforts in confronting the hypocrisy and deception of this administration.

  3. I love it! “Big Bad Bannon” may be your best character yet! I notice this character has an angel on the left and on the right just behind the bed. Hmmm – which angel is advising him today?

  4. “…Do not put your faith
    In a cape and a hood,
    They will not protect you
    The way that they should.
    And take extra care with strangers,
    Even flowers have their dangers.
    And though scary is exciting,
    Nice is different than good.”
    __Stephen Sondheim, “Into the Woods”

  5. I look forward to reading each installment. Art is our ability to share our hands and hearts, please continue sharing yours with us. The fairies are not the only ones who feel cast out of the safe place they knew to a landscape that is unrecognizable.

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Sarah. I plan to continue presenting my take on this perplexing and challenging time we’re living in. As other commitments beckon, the Wee Folk Players will eventually have to go part time, but they are sure to come forward when necessary.

  6. Honestly, your work is both beautiful and therapeutic! It is essential in dealing with this new, sadly, reality. An image came to me this morning of the news media and various governing bodies running around like the Keystone Cops in response to our Presidents ‘utterances’!

  7. Always loved The Red Riding Hood story-she is the only true character here-sad but do love all the dolls they are so well made-but sadly wrong character portraying the Big Bad Wolf-

  8. Wow, you not only weave great dolls, characters, but you weave the under pinning of today’s disasters. The wolf could have a speech writer, Steve! !,!

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