Civics lesson

The Constitution of the United States divides the federal government into three branches (Legislative, Executive, Judicial), to ensure a central government in which no individual or group gains too much control.


Behind the scenes at Wee Folk Players: Mirrors (but no smoke this time) were arranged to create a three way reflection on the minimalist set. Being a one man show, the scene didn’t require extra cast members.


And resident tech wizard Rob, promptly processed the documenting photo. The drama troupe is busy trying to keep up with script changes and a grueling rehearsal schedule. New cast members are being auditioned and needles are flying in the costume department. Stay tuned for more episodes in the American Drama Series!

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) formed soon after the 2016 election and have performed a string of episodes in the American Drama Series. To keep up with new posts, subscribe to this blog (top right column on the home page). For a wide ranging look at new and old material from my studio, please follow along on Instagram and Facebook. And to find out about Salley Mavor’s post-election satire, please  this interview.


25 thoughts on “Civics lesson

  1. Brilliant!. Thank you for sharing your creative responses to what’s going on in our country. I don’t know that it makes me feel better (stuff is pretty scary), but it does make me feel hopeful. May we all be able to process the challenging and frightening into art.

  2. With you Salley. I’ve found my art changing as well with this new or different blatant in your face women bashing so called president. I guess I’m from the era where you had a voice but were also polite. Oh, maybe that was my world of Faeries, Gnomes, and Elves. Anyway, enjoying your/our new venture.

  3. I commented on your Facebook post. Not sure it bears repeating here but… “Oh my, you have your work cut out for you. It is all happening so fast. Hard to believe that so many choose politics over country and support such a small-minded mentally unstable man. It helps to laugh otherwise we’d be paralyzed. Keep bravely being your creative self! Thank you.”

  4. Wonderful, Salley! I am having trouble getting your blog on my iPad- there is no column on the top right of the home page. Do I need to use my computer upstairs to get it? You are a breath of fresh air In the midst of this horror show. Thank you! Carla Sent from my iPhone


  5. You are becoming quite the political cartoonist, and you ALWAYS hit the nail squarely on the head! You make me laugh and think at the same time (hard to do at my age); but you NEVER cease to entertain me. Thank you.

  6. Love it! What a talented group of people. You give me a good laugh with my morning coffee. Have you sent your blog posts to Saturday Night Live? If not you should.

  7. This is great! Can’t wait to share this. All he needs is his surrounding crowd of sycophants to give him his standing ovation. I really enjoy your perspective.

  8. This is so simple but it’s as effective as anything I’ve seen you do. Now we just need a Johnson doll and four mirrors (one per nation) to reflect (pun intended) the corresponding power-grab. They’re taking voter-suppression strategies from the Republicans and virtually outlawing protests. The Orange Shadow is going from strength to strength.

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