Polly’s travels

While Polly is away, let’s take this opportunity to review her previous traveling outfits and adventures. As you can see in the following photos, Polly doesn’t mind posing in front of the camera. Dressing appropriately is her first priority. She is sure to share her experiences in Oregon and Utah when she returns. In the meantime, check out Polly’s travelogue on Instagram and Facebook. See if you can pick out where she’s been. Answers are at the bottom of this post.

Antarctica, Cuba, Yosemite, Provence, Ireland, San Francisco, Scotland and Prince Edward Island.

4 thoughts on “Polly’s travels

  1. Every outfit is a visual treat. I got a real kick out of Polly posing with the French santons in their Bretagne finery!

  2. Salley, your dolls are so beautiful that they bring joy to my day! Also, you have given me such delight in being able to create some of these in my own design. I am so appreciative of your sharing! Love, love your art!

  3. I enjoyed meeting Polly yesterday. I’m still smiling, thinking of sitting in that warm little store, listening to your stories. Thank you.

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