Azalea – Ltd. Edition fairy


Please meet AZALEA, the newest Blossom Fairy! She is 3 3/4″ tall, with long crimped auburn hair, acorn cap hat, embroidered wool felt tunic and petal skirt. Even though I’ve said that I don’t sell them, every once in a while I offer a ltd. edition of dolls similar to the ones in my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk. You see, I only work on them while traveling, so it’s an ongoing project that takes time. This year I made a set of 25 look-alike Azalea fairies while riding in cars and on vacation. I like to keep my hands busy, so this is a way of producing something, as well as keeping contented while sitting.



Some of the finish work that’s not as portable, I did while on vacation. I have to limit the time I spend working on these because otherwise I would spend every minute in fairy land, constructing dolls, night and day. That isn’t such a bad thing, but then, I would be less inclined to make new, more involved pieces.




In an effort to be fair to everyone, I am announcing on this blog, Facebook and Instgram that 25 “Azalea” fairies will be for sale in my Etsy Shop on Saturday, August 13th at 10 AM, eastern US time. That gives more of you a chance to read about it in advance, so you can plan on being ready to shop. I’m sorry if this hour isn’t convenient for other time zones around the globe, but I can’t figure out how to accommodate everyone. Last year’s dolls sold out very quickly, so if you really want one, act fast! Sorry, no reservations ahead of time. The dolls will be sold on a first come first served basis.



8 thoughts on “Azalea – Ltd. Edition fairy

  1. LOVE all your fairy people….just sometimes wonder if it would really change your style to make the faces looking a tiny bit less stern… hope you don’t mind this reaction; you know how much in awe I am of your work!!!

  2. Yes, I see that mischievous grin. I think I hear them singing as they wind their way through the glen. Giggling at least, with a background hum of wings. Obviously when you’re a fairy, too many petals isn’t enough, and too many colors is riotous fun. I wonder what they get up when you’re sleeping?

  3. Hi Sally, I have tried everywhere to get one of your dolls and can’t find one anywhere..10 am us time Saturday will be midnight here in NSW Australia. Wondering if I can stay awake lol…please if anyone can tell me where I can get one of Sally’s dolls doesn’t matter how old it is I really would love one for my collection…I would be forever grateful for anyone’s help…
    A big Aussie thank you in advance

    • Hi Robyn, Thank you for your interest in my dolls and I’m sorry that the 10 AM timing is difficult for you in Australia. If you can manage to stay awake, that would be great! As for finding another doll, someone who’s bought one from the previous editions may be willing to sell, but I don’t know. I wish there was a way for me to make more dolls to sell, but my muse is beaconing in another direction. Warm Regards, Salley

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