Island vacation


Is it still a vacation, if you spend a fair amount of time working? I admit to being a stitch-a-holic, because I can’t sit idle, when I could be MAKING something! It’s a compulsion that many of you can identify with, I’m sure. During this vacation, I made a set of Ltd. Edition Fairies that will be in my Etsy Shop in a few weeks. I didn’t spend all day stitching, though. We hiked around the island, swam in the creek and took photographs.

My husband Rob and I spent the past week on a private island that’s not far from our home, but it’s so peaceful and solitary that it feels like a world away. We traveled there on our boat and were the only ones on the island, except for some friends who came to visit on their boats.


Many mornings, the light beckoned me out of bed, sometimes before sun rise, to walk around and try to capture the island’s unique beauty with my camera. This selection of photos were mostly taken at dawn or dusk — the magical hours. I hope that you enjoy this tour of a special place!


15 thoughts on “Island vacation

  1. Looks like a most lovely place to be!!! I had to smile when you wrote that many of us could relate because when I was fortunate to travel in Europe with friends some years ago, what I did take along was a stash of clothing cut from wool felt from the patterns in your first book, one of the tiny dolls sits on my dining table lately, I do so love all the figures I have made from your books as do several friends who have received them as gifts!!!

  2. You really do live in a “heavenly” area of our wonder filled country! Love these images and still hope to return to Martha’s Vineyard area before it gets too hard to do so! It is always great to “visit” vicariously…so thanks for your posting!

  3. Beautiful, gorgeous, peaceful.
    Stitching for me is a fun thing. I’m glad it still is for you even though it is your work.

  4. Thank you for sharing your evocative photos with us —what an enriching and inspiring time for you and Rob. As to your stitching, of course you can bring your handwork with you. Your photography is one creative activity and creating with fabric and stitches another.

  5. What stunning photos. Is this one of the Elizabeth Islands? I was there years ago. They are lovely and peaceful.

  6. The feeling-tone of your private island vacay is so well-presented, I had to take second,and then third look at those great photos. They are all asymmetrically framed and natural. Then your inside-the-cottage photo is framed in the center symmetry of the doorway. What a fine contrast. Thanks for posting such a private escape.

  7. No surprise that you have an eye for beautifully captured images as well as an eye for your wonderful felt creations. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi, What beautiful photos. Nice place to spend a vaca. I just picked up you felt wee folk book at joann fabrics and I cant wait to get started to make my first doll. I do miniatures (dollhouses, one room scenes and some whimsical themes) These dolls will fit right in.

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