Remembering Turkey

Five years ago, when we visited Turkey, the world was different. The news of violent clashes and turmoil in the country is upsetting, especially since I had the fortune of experiencing its astounding beauty and the gracious warmth of the Turkish people. I’ve taken this opportunity to review my photos of the trip and have selected a group of my favorites. You can see all of my posts about Turkey here.


7 thoughts on “Remembering Turkey

  1. Thank you for sharing your photos. It’s a good reminder of how people are just trying to live their lives and having to live with awful violence. I hope there will be calm in Turkey soon.

  2. I feel like I have just returned from a trip to Turkey, your pictures are beautiful, so sad to see what is happening there at the moment.

    From Lilian Warren in Australia

  3. My son wanted to visit a friend in Turkey. I was nervous, but felt confident it would be ok because you had a happy trip there. He never did get there because when the violence arrived in Istanbul, I said, “No!” Now I am in tears because I spent Bastille Day in Nice, years ago. Doesn’t it tear your heart out to hear of yet another city or country you’ve visited fall victim to terrorism? I feel like I’ll never get to travel in Europe again out of fear for my safety. Your photos remind me of how much my son missed by not being able to travel to Turkey. I’m sure it would have been a fabulous trip. By the way, if anybody is interested, I stumbled across a blogger named Ozlem who posts wonderful Turkish recipes. At least we can travel vicariously through your blog and others.

  4. Thank you, Salley, for so thoughtfully sharing those photos of Turkey. It’s so overwhelming to be inundated with news of strife all around the world. I think it’s so important to recognize the humanity of *all* involved! That makes the bad news strike at your heart even harder, but if it’s just numbers and statistics, not real people, we get numb to it and can’t respond any more! Thanks for letting us see your special view of the world! Hugs, Martha

  5. Thank you for the good reminder of how fast violence can change the world around you. I hope the beauty you have shared in these photos is an inspiration to appreciate and, if necessary, fight for beauty and peace in our everyday lives

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