Scotland (Oct. 2015) Oban


While traveling on the west coast of Scotland, we stayed in the port town of Oban for a few days. The weather was glorious, with incredible light in the early morning and at dusk. From here we took the ferry to the islands of Mull and then Iona, which I will show later.










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8 thoughts on “Scotland (Oct. 2015) Oban

  1. I love looking at your pictures, great photography too. Would like to know what castle the last picture is. Can’t wait for the next set too Salley.

  2. Really gorgeous photos. It all looks so much more beautiful than my memories of it. It is a pleasure to be reminded of it all. Can’t wait for Iona pix. My son and I having been, separately, playing GeoGuessr and have both landed in Scotland and shared photos of where we were. Today, through my son, I learned of the little church where James Clerk Maxwell worshiped, and of his work, that I wasn’t aware of. I guess people well versed in science know of him. Anyway, I am freshly reminded what a stunningly beautiful country it is. It is magical to be transported there through the internet.

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