Scotland, Oct. 2015 (phone booths)


Were back from Scotland, with many photos to share. This trip was another wonderful Celtic music learning tour with Boston’s public radio station WGBH. We’ve gone on two of their previous trips to Ireland (see archived posts here) and jumped at the chance to join their tour of Scotland.

I’ll begin by showing a series of iconic red UK phone booths we saw in different areas of the country. Somehow, it was reassuring to see the old fashioned booths wherever we went.The first two were spotted in the beautiful village of Plockton, on the west coast.



And on this charming street corner in Melrose…


Scotland_phonebooth-1-3And more on the streets of Edinburgh.


6 thoughts on “Scotland, Oct. 2015 (phone booths)

  1. So nice to see so many of the old red phone boxes, Salley! Most of them seem to have been replaced with modern clear glass ones nowadays, that are more disabled friendly etc. My grandfather used to work for the Scottish company that manufactured red phone boxes! They are typically British and I hate seeing them phased out, however much more practical the new ones might be. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What I love about England and Scotland are the FLOWERS.Every tiny village has them.Perhaps it’s the grey weathered stones that set off the lovely hanging baskets filled with gorgeous blooms .Love those phone booths.We still have a few old ones here in Adelaide, but fast disappearing!

  3. Wonderful photos! I was wondering if they still had many of these with cell phones so abundant these days. I’m happy to see them still standing.

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