Scotland – June 2015: landscapes

Scotlandlandscape-1-8We hiked the Great Glen Way through rain, fierce wind, fog and occasional sunshine. Every day, the scenery along the Caledonian Canal, from Fort William to Inverness was different and magnificent. Except for the iconic Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness (below), I have trouble remembering exactly where most of these photos were taken, but they are located somewhere along our route. I hope that you enjoy the tour! Scotlandlandscape-1-5 Scotlandlandscape-1-11 Scotlandlandscape-1-9 Scotlandlandscape-1-7 Scotlandlandscape-1-13 Scotlandlandscape-1-10 Scotlandlandscape-1-12 Scotlandlandscape-1-2 Scotlandlandscape-1-6 Scotlandlandscape-1 Scotlandlandscape-1-14

8 thoughts on “Scotland – June 2015: landscapes

  1. That places like this even exist is amazing! To see and experience by foot is the only way I would choose to travel also. Your had must be bursting with inspiration- can only imagine 🙂

  2. Thank you for another reminder of many happy holidays in Scotland, Salley! I leave part of my heart in Scotland every time I visit. There is nowhere like it on earth. A real pleasure to enjoy your beautiful photos.


  3. I have always wanted to go here – it’s where my roots are. Thank you for sharing these absolutely gorgeous photos! I so hope I get to see it myself some day.

  4. Lovely photos. Thanks. Brings back memories. You guys certainly do get around to some really beautiful and interesting places. But no sidekick this time?

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