more fairy houses 2015

FairyHouses-1-14Please come along on a tour of the Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall exhibit. Since the popularity of the previous show 2 years ago, there has been much anticipation of this year’s display. The fairy house phenomenon has grown since then, so more people are familiar with the idea and it hasn’t taken as much explanation this time.

The houses will be set up all summer, but I suggest visiting sooner than later. Although most dwellings are quite sturdy and are holding up to the wind and rain, some are beginning to show their ephemeral nature.

Here are some of the many types of places where fairies live. Future posts with photos of more houses are coming…


Lone Star Postal by Barbara Whitehead and Bruce Safley

An old mailbox, mirrors and deer antlers…


Lone Star Postal by Barbara Whitehead and Bruce Safley

Vines and string webs…


Spiral Hallow by Bobbi Bailin

Believerton’s fairy community must follow neighborhood covenants.


Believerton by Sheila Payne and Sally Egan


Believerton by Sheila Payne and Sally Egan

A roof and stairway made of old books…


Hole in the Woods Library by Nancy Porter and Kellie Porte


Hole in the Woods Library by Nancy Porter and Kellie Porter

seaweed and sea glass.


Just Lobsta by Deb Coulombe and friends

tree trunks and bark…


The Oak Inn by Matt Inman

bittersweet vines…


Wood Hole by Lauren and Sadie Leveque

metal, glass and wood found objects.


Fairy House-Boat by Sue Beardsley and Tehva Baumflek

9 thoughts on “more fairy houses 2015

  1. So very Creative.. You know Salley, Architects can take a lesson or two from these fairy builders at how to incorporate a home design to blend with it’s surroundings..nothing looks more out of place than modern home design trying to bend into a hillside of majestic trees.
    Second.. Does Rob have a place where we can see more of his photography? He is has a great eye.
    GOD Bless,

  2. Hi Salley,

    Thank you so much for all of your posts sharing the fairy houses. I had hoped to get down to see them (I live in Boxborough, MA) but I just broke my foot and will be pretty mobile-restricted for 8 weeks, so I will have to miss the exhibit. Your photos of the fairy houses are bringing me much joy!

    I so enjoyed visiting Highfield Hall for the Portals & Passageways exhibit and for your indoor exhibit and your sister Anne’s exhibit. Maybe next year for the fairy houses!

    all the best, Michele Litant


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