Birds at Highfield this summer!


I recently cleaned the glass which protects the Birds of Beebe Woods. While the piece was uncovered and exposed, Rob took some new photos. This time he didn’t aim the camera straight on. We thought we’d try coming from the side a bit, to emphasize the sculptural quality of the birds.


Birds0001blogWMI think these photos better translate the experience of looking at the real piece. Of course, it’s best viewed without glass, but it’s necessary for protection from light and dust.

Printed reproductions in the form of posters and cards are available from my Etsy Shop.

Birds of Beebe Woods is on display at Highfield Hall, Falmouth, MA until Sept. 15th. I’m also excited about the upcoming outdoor exhibit, Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall (June 28 – Aug. 31), which I’m curating again this year.


12 thoughts on “Birds at Highfield this summer!

  1. There are no words to properly describe how beautiful this piece is. It is from your heart and truly unique.
    My creativity grew the day I discovered your first book and has helped me develop my own style, which to me is very important. I have your new book now and love it!

  2. Thank you for posting these pictures, it is great to see the dimensional quality of the piece, and the piece is genius! Absolutely stunning! I am really excited I will (finally) be able to see some of your work “in person” at the library in Maryland this summer. I have been looking forward to it for so long!

  3. This is so extremely beautiful. The stitching blows me away! Your fairy house exhibition sounds amazing, I wish I was in the same country and could go and visit it 🙂

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