Felt Wee Folk BLOG TOUR

feltweefolknewcoverblogToday, I’m happy to announce a Blog Tour for my new book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures: 120 Enchanting Dolls! It’s the first time I’ve hosted one and I’m excited! For the next 2 weeks, some of my favorite bloggers will post reviews and Give-aways for a chance to win copies of Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures. By following the list at the bottom of this post, you can visit each blog, starting on their designated day, read what they have to say and enter a Give-away, if they offer one. It’s a good way to discover some new blogs worth paying attention to!

C&T Publishing has generously offered to supply books for the Give-away winners; hard copies for USA and e-books for international winners.


To follow the tour, click the corresponding link, starting on the dates listed. Some bloggers have made dolls from the book, which they’ll be sharing in their posts. I’ve already seen pictures of an adorable pair of impish boys and another blogger has told me that she’ll be including the results of a family doll-making session!

Keep checking the list, as it will be updated with new participants during the whole month of March!

The tour kicks off with Mary Corbet – Needle n’ Thread. Tips and Trick’s & Great Resources for Hand Embroidery. Mary Corbet is an author, reviewer and all round collector of information about hand embroidery. Her site has fantastic instructional videos for learning just about every stitch. Mary writes, “I believe the world needs beauty, and embroidery is one of the most beautiful visual arts. To teach others to embroider, to inspire them to try new things with needle and thread – to me, these are worthwhile goals. I love teaching, and Needle ‘n Thread is my opportunity to teach a wider audience something that I’m really passionate about – the art of hand embroidery.”

Felt Wee Folk BLOG TOUR Schedule:

March 3 – Mary Corbet – Needle n’ Thread

March 6 – Mimi Kirchner – Doll 

March 10 – Margaret Bloom – We Bloom Here

March 12 – C&T Publishing’s Blog

March 13 – Kimara – Wee Folk Art

March 15 – Phoebe Wahl

5 thoughts on “Felt Wee Folk BLOG TOUR

  1. Hello Salley, I received your new book last week from your Etsy store and it is everything I hoped for, just fabulous. So excited for your blog tour, the more people who discover you the better. I have been following Mary Corbet for several years now and she is a fabulous teacher and so very informed about all embroidery methods. I think you can expect lots of visitors, have a wonderful day and thanks for letting us into your whimsical, wonderful world.

  2. Ooooo how exciting!!! I am enthralled by your talents and your new book!!! I’m just absolutely enamored with your wonderful wee folk creations and have found myself leaning more and more toward trying this darling art form!! I’m normally into paper crafting and mixed media artwork myself–last year I got into making polymer clay miniatures and now all your wee folk felt fabulousness is sweeping me off my feet!!! 😀 I’m super stoked to have the chance to win a copy of this book again and thank you so much for doing a blog tour and sharing this with even more people!! I will definitely be hopping on this blog hop!!! Thank you so much for hosting and congrats on the success of your latest book!!

  3. Hi, Salley … I have the Wee Folk Ebook and have stocked up on all the supplies, ready to have a fun creative time with my daughter. She is the official “face painter” 🙂 Thank you for the detailed and pictorial instructions!

    Question, you mention using a blanket stitch for some of the clothing and hat seams. I’m assuming that there will be a ridge when using a blanket stitch for the seam. Do you usually have the ridge facing in or out? Thanks!

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