still life photos around the house



I spent a little time this week taking still life photographs. Rob is giving me tips about lighting and operating my camera. Some of the photos show seasonal arrangements and others are permanent displays around the house. While looking for things to take pictures of, I noticed that almost every object in our house has been in Rob’s or my family for a long time. It’s an eclectic collection of stuff, from a 3 ft. high bronze Buddha my great grandfather bought from a missionary in Russia in the late 1900’s to tiny silver salt shakers Rob inherited. Very few items are new or were purchased by us. Both of our families are small and we have become the keepers of the past by default.





8 thoughts on “still life photos around the house

  1. So much detail, so much loveliness, photographed so beautifully. Just like your art work. Thank you for this peek inside your home, love it. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. these photos are a gentle reminder of how creative individuals were years ago when whatever was created was done with whatever the artist could find. Altho’ the Hobby Lobbys and Joann stores
    are incredible, I still delight in seeing how things were handcrafted from items found in nature or from castoffs in the home. If you have time, look at Helinka’s Fairies on Facebook, her work reminds me of you in that she truly fashions her art from nothing, I so, so love these as much as I do yours. You are such an inspiration Salley, I create one of a kind cornhusk sculptures and so appreciate the design that goes into the process.

      • For some reason, her Facebook page is missing at this time. Try her website, – you’ll appreciate her artistry! Just love the creative process, I never grow weary of dreaming up new ways to express myself!
        Do you ever happen to look at the British version of Country Living? They always include the most delightful artists who seem to use old worlde techniques which seem to express a vintage feel in their craft.

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