“Hither and Yon” Video!

I’m excited to share this new Hither and Yon video that my husband Rob made. It documents the making and installation of my sculpture, which is part of this summer’s “Portals and Passageways” exhibit at Highfield Hall and Gardens in Falmouth, MA. The show will be there through Sept. 7th, so there’s still time to roam the beautiful grounds and see all of the varied interpretations of the theme.

Over the spring, Rob filmed the making of the piece, starting with a scene of me cutting down the naturally bowed tree I found in the snowy woods. During the next few weeks, I called him into my studio periodically to record different stages of the process; drawing out the lettering, wrapping wire with felt, stitching and forming the words. The film ends with a time lapse sequence showing the installation of the piece at Highfield Hall. Rob and I had so much fun working on this video. I hope that you enjoy it!

I’ve really liked being involved with the exhibit and connecting with some of the other artists. I met Linda Hoffman, who invited me to bring Hither and Yon to her Frog Pond Farm in Harvard, MA for her annual sculpture walk, Around the Pond and Through the Woods. It looks like a beautiful property and she’s picked out a couple of trees for me choose from. We’ll be transporting the sculpture on top of my car and installing it soon after the Falmouth show ends. The exhibit opens Sept. 14th, 1-5 pm and there’s an artist reception on Sun., Sept 21, which I hope to attend.

9 thoughts on ““Hither and Yon” Video!

  1. thank you for sharing not only your finished installation, but the process you followed to achieve it. i am always inspired by your work.

  2. What a wonderful video, I love seeing the process of how an artist takes a piece from vision to reality, this is terrific and your work is, as always, incredible! I always feel so inspired after visiting your site, thank you for sharing, Salley!

  3. That was great! It’s so good to see what all goes into your work. I hope those attending will notice the detail! What patience you have in your creativity! WOW! I marvel every time.
    Thanks for making the video and sharing it with us. We enjoyed it a lot!!

  4. Thank you Rob and Salley for inviting us in to see the creation of “Hither & Yon,” step by step. As with others commenting above, I was fascinated to see what went into the making of this piece. My favorite moment was about 45 seconds in, when Salley, with great determination, was wrestling the bouncy wire into shape; a contrast to the more meditative and precise actions of wrapping and embroidering, etc…

    I wish I could see the piece in person, however, this video was excellent consolation!

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