Once Upon a Thread

henna handWM One thing leads to the next and before you know it, you have enough pictures and information to fill a blog post. It all started with the photo above, which was meant to show my henna decorated hand that was done at the local arts festival last weekend. The doll heads scattered on the table are from another long term project, which I’ll write about in the future.

When Rob took the picture, I was sewing letters on left over paintings from Waldorf School projects. The words are part of a new title image for my slide talk, Once Upon a Thread. I really enjoy giving lectures about my work to quilt and embroidery groups, as well as the general public. The next scheduled talk will be during the opening event for my exhibit at Museums on the Green in Falmouth, Massachusetts. “Tea at the Museum” is from 1:00 – 3:00 pm on Sat., July 19th.

OnceUponaThreadshoot This is a teaser of sorts,  because the dolls in the scene are some of the models in my upcoming book, Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures (Spring 2015), the long-awaited follow-up to Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects. Rob took the photo of them holding up the stitched signs, like a group at a rally. I’ll use the photo in my power point show and Facebook cover banner.

This summer, there will be an opportunity to see many more of the new dolls up close and personal. My talented and ever helpful husband, Rob is also building a special display case that will hold dozens of new characters. The case full of dolls will be included in my exhibit, Salley Mavor: Expressions in Stitches, Then and Now, at Museums on the Green, July 4 – August 16, 2014. I hope that many of you will come see the show. It will be chock full of work from the past and present! Once Upon a ThreadWM

8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Thread

  1. Too cute! I’d love to see this as a .gif with everyone waving their banners. Love reading about all the things that Rob does for you. What a guy. Have you ever told us anything about his career?

    • Thanks for writing Cat Nap. Yes, waving signs would be very fun! I do think about animating the figures, but haven’t found time for the long involved process. And, I have mentioned before that my husband Rob is a retired engineer. He helped design underwater robots at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


  2. Salley, I am a bit torn..I would love to purchase or even pre-order a copy of your book from by local book store to help keep book stores open..but would rather purchase it from you signed. Do you think you will be selling signed copies in your Etsy store?
    Also you are so blessed to have such a supportive spouse..
    GOD Bless, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You are so sweet to want to support your local bookstore and I understand your dilemma. Yes, I will be selling signed copies of Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures in my Etsy Shop. Etsy isn’t set up for pre-ordering, so I’ll add it to my shop when it comes out.


  3. Salley, you so very much, INSPIRE ME!!!! Wish that I could attend your lectures and simply love your work!!!!

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