Cuba: nature


While in Cuba last March, we took bus trips out of Havana and had the opportunity to walk in the botanical gardens and in a mangrove forest. My husband Rob concentrated on photographing wildlife and I took pictures of trees.


Rob took tons of pictures of this bird and got one good one.


The botanical gardens…




We were told that this snake was harmless.


An agave plant. It’s good to see where the liquid sweetener comes from.



The view from Ernest Hemingway’s house, overlooking Havana.


4 thoughts on “Cuba: nature

  1. How easily it is get lost in all that Peaceful Beauty..and forget all about the hidden dangers lurking in there also… Cuba is a such a rich multifaceted country. Amazing! Thanks Rob and Salley
    GOD Bless,

  2. Beautiful photos! You capture beautiful and unusual images … What camera do you use?
    Hugs from Brasil

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