Cuba: streets (part 1)


It’s time to show more pictures of Cuba. I have so many photos of streets, that I’ll have to post a second group. The streets of Havana were vibrant, very walk-able and clean. The pleasant March weather brought people out onto their stoops and balconies. The Cubans were friendly and engaged with each other. Around every corner was a scene begging to have its picture taken. You didn’t have to watch out for speeding cars and even when I ventured out alone with my conspicuously large camera, I felt safe. Occasionally, you’d have to get out of the way of pedicabs making their way around the side streets. Take a walk with me around the neighborhood.








3 thoughts on “Cuba: streets (part 1)

  1. I am loving seeing all your photos of Cuba. It is not a place I am likely to visit so it is good to get a really good idea what it is like. Thank you.

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