4000 Facebook Likes Giveaway!


The Wee Folk Studio Facebook page has just reached 4000 Likes! To show my appreciation, I’m offering a Giveaway. Since many of you have made or want to make fairies from my Felt Wee Folk book, the prize is something you can put to use ~ Faux Flowers for outfitting your wee folk dolls. Assorted packs of flower skirts and wings are also available from my Etsy Shop.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a message on this blog post and 3 winners will be selected at random on April 28th. People from all around the world are welcome to try for the prize.

fairy making supplies

fairy making supplies

105 thoughts on “4000 Facebook Likes Giveaway!

  1. Your Wee Folks are such lovely creations-so much charm & personality. The little dresses from silk flowers are so appropriate. Thank you for sharing your talent

  2. Thank you for the inspiration and precious time sharing the love of fairy making with my girls over the years!!!

  3. I can just imagine all your wee fairy followers looking at their wee computer screens and thinking, “Ooooh, a new Spring wardrobe!!” and, “I love that peplum jacket she’s wearing. It looks perfect with that petal skirt.”

  4. Now, with the Wee Folk Dolls I believe in the fairies !!! Seriously, some years ago I began to collect any fabric flowers 😉 when I discovered your book and you of course ! 🙂

  5. Simply love and adore your work !! I have a collection of your books with me .., which makes me happy whenever I go through them .., Now I would like to make a fairy of my own 🙂

  6. I simply love and adore your work.., would love to make the fairies which has been in my agenda for quite some time .., I have a collection of your books and I am always happy whenever I go through them … 🙂

  7. I reallt like how those little people take on their personality with each one you create. I have your books and look forward to the next one.

  8. I love following your blog and have been an admirer of yours since I first received your Felt Wee Folk book, couldn’t sleep the first night it arrived, from looking at each of the little exquisite dolls and the scenery you created!!! I have made a number of them as gifts over the years and even have a couple that I made while traveling in Europe years ago!!! I practice the art of recycling materials and making very loved teddy bears and dolls from the materials that I find in thrift stores, yard sales and hand me downs so I have a lovely collection of “silk” flowers that I have collected that way also to use for fairies and such!!! Thank you for sharing your talent and gift to us all!!!! Jeanette Paganetti

  9. Count me in! I first bought your kits for our school store (East Bay Waldorf School) about 12-15 years ago. There were kits for Flower Fairies and the “woodsie” ones (Nut Cap Children?), with just felt clothing. The children who bought them and sewed them with their parents’ help, came later to show me their uniformly lovely results! The school closed the store a few years after that, or I’d still be buying the kits for the store.

  10. I have made many of your fairies… In fact I took a cruise with a friend and all we did every night was stay up late making fairies!
    Your creations are fabulous!

  11. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the fun filled fairy world!! Such an inspiration you are. Roxanne Bowerman

  12. just seeing these flower petals is inspiring! A lovely mix of colors! I’ve made a number of fairies using your book as a guide (except I use fimo clay for the heads). Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  13. Your work is incredible. Congrats on the 4000 fb likes! This would be so nice to win – I was just planning to make some flower fairies with my girl to celebrate Spring!

  14. Thank you for inspiring us with your imagination. My grandchildren love your book on nursery rhymes, Maybe Grandma needs to make them their own fairy if I win the flower petals.
    Ruth Ann Woolford

  15. While coloring Easter eggs outdoors (in the sunshine –finally warm for the first time in many months), my granddaughter collected bits of bark with lichen, basswood seeds, acorn caps and small twigs to decorate her fairy house. Fairies of all kinds are welcome in her yard and home! Your books were part of her first introduction to wee folk….

  16. It would be such fun to live in the world of the Wee Folk! I am entering the drawing with my fingers crossed!

  17. Oh this is wonderful! I have your book so to win the fairy supplies would be just the incentive to get going and make some beautifully dressed fairies!!!!! Thank you!

  18. I loved your exhibit in New Bedford! Seeing the real thing is inspiring, I have made fairies for years and all my grandchildren treasure them.

  19. Congrats, Salley! Your creativity has been a blessing to so many!! Keep up the good work!


    Julie Steller

  20. Congrats on the 4000! I’ve loved your work for so many years. The projects never age or are dated. Beautiful textile art!

  21. Your Wee Folk are so adorable. I’ve got the book and supplies to start making them all I lack are the flower petals!

  22. This is a fun way to connect sith you. I have been working on leaves and bits and pieces since I met you. Gloria Lennon

  23. It is so nice of you to offer this giveaway. I am looking forward to making a little fairy for my soon-to-be-born 1st granddaughter and it would be lovely to dress her in such style.

  24. Thanks so much for your beautiful books. I give them as baby shower gifts and share them with my library patrons.

  25. Congrulations Salley!! 4000 is only the beginning/ Wait till your new book comes out.. 4000 will be but a distant memory.. And many of us get to brag.. We knew you when….ha! ha! ha!
    Very Happy for You~
    GOD Bless~ Rebecca

  26. I appreciated your pictures of Cuba prior to my visit. It is a lovely place with warm people. I imagine that you base some of your fairies on them. I believe my friends and I were the fairies in the ocean,

    Thank you for your warmth and memories.

  27. Oooh that would help, there is not much of that kind of thing in our village in rural Latvia. Real flowers yes and two flower shops at that. Amazing for such a small place, but artificial flowers not so much.

  28. I love your work and regularly follow your blog! I’ve introduced my four year old granddaughter to your delightful books. She enjoys looking at the detailed work. I’m hoping she will be inspired by your creativity.

  29. Wonderful milestone of 4,000 likes! Love your creativity in Wee Folk and your nursery rhyme books. The younger girls at our school LOVE your Pocket Full of Posies–of course so do I! Thanks for a chance to win some fairy clothing.

  30. j’ai toujours une grande admiration pour votre travail et ce serait un grand plaisir et un honneur pour moi de recevoir ce cadeau.
    petit coucou de france

  31. Thank you for sharing your work, it’s such an inspiration for me (as for many others, I believe), especially now, in spring, when fairies come back )) Wonderful time! Wonderful geveaway!

  32. Congratulations on your 4000 likes. your work is so inspiring, my grands and i often work on making the fairies. the one thing we do not have are the acorn tops and i cannot think of anyone we know who might live in area where they are plentiful. any suggestions? and of course we would love to win also.

  33. Fingers crossed and ten toes too; hoping that my wish comes true, and fairy makings come my way, So I can make new friends all day. With acorn hats and tiny shoes, with petal skirts, cobweb tutus; I’ll weave a bit of fairy magic; from sticks and seeds and scraps of fabric. Deena Beverley, 5 Poulton Cottages Tinpit Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 1BQ United Kingdom

  34. I love your wee folk and how you dress them, touches of detail and clever use of flower petals make them so charming and delightful. Your work inspires me, thanks for showing us how you work. Would love to win.

  35. Thank you, Salley, for the opportunity to receive the ‘classic’ fairy costume ingredients. I have admired your work for many years and, during that time, you have inspired me to pursue my own version of fibre art relief. Thanks for being a muse! cheers and best wishes for many more years of inspiration!

  36. Your artwork is amazing!! And your Wee Folks dolls are totally precious!!
    Thank you so much for your giveaway – very sweet of you, Sally. Thank you for the chance.
    Big Hugs!! ❤

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