Studio report, spring 2014

Studio-HDR3blog I thought I’d take a break from showing my Cuba pictures (more coming) and report on what’s been happening in the studio. Not long ago, I noticed the early evening light streaming in from the windows on the west side. This is the only time of year that it looks this way. The sun’s position was low and shone through the still bare trees. I asked my husband Rob to quickly take a photo, which he did.

You’ll have to imagine what the rest of the room looks like right now, because I’m in the process of working on projects that are secret or just not ready to show yet. I’m making three sets of wedding cake dolls as gifts for friends who are getting married this summer. Of course, I want them to be a surprise, so they’ll be shown after the weddings.

And, I’m excited about making a large sculpture for the Portals and Passageways outdoor exhibit  at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, MA this summer (June 29 – Sept 7, 2014). Working on this large piece has been very different for me and we’ve taken photos and videos along the way. I’ll show them after my sculpture is installed in June. Update: See how my sculpture, Hither and Yon was made here.


I’m happy to report that my sister, Anne Mavor is also having an exhibit at Highfield!  Ancient Landscapes: The Spirit of Place will feature paintings from her Mounds and Stones series, which was inspired by our late father, James W. Mavor, Jr., an astro-archaeologist who traveled the world documenting the connections between the land and sky at ancient sacred sites.

Soon, I’ll be gathering some of my older pieces, which will be borrowed from their owners for the upcoming exhibit, Salley Mavor: Expressions in Stitches: Then and Now, at Museums on the Green in Falmouth, MA (July 4 – Aug. 16, 2014). Historical needlework that I picked out from the museum’s collection will be shown alongside my contemporary embroidered artwork. I’m really looking forward to working with the curator and figuring out how to display some of the historical items.

More goings on:
Pocketful of Posies Exhibit
Cotuit Library, Cotuit, MA until May 27th. My talk is on May 2 @ 6:00 pm.
Lexington Public Library, Lexington, Kentucky (July 5 – Aug. 17, 2014).

4 thoughts on “Studio report, spring 2014

  1. Salley, Your Sister’s artwork..How Beautiful!
    What Blessed talents and passions runs through your entire family from Father to Daughters.
    You are both very, very Blessed.
    Also, your room looks so Cozy and Beautiful and adequately Textured. For such a small corner in a room it is filled with so much discovery.. it reminds me of an artist painting on the cover of a jigsaw puzzle box.. and to think that it all was naturally arrange that way, says that your artistic talent extends beyond the needle and felt.
    Thank you for sharing.
    GOD Bless, Rebecca
    Sister’s artwork..How Beautiful.. talent that runs

  2. The picture of the studio is marvelous…it looks like a painting…fantastic! I can hardly wait to see the wedding cake dolls….how exciting!

  3. Salley,
    Love your studio. It’s magic the way the change of light can make a place you love anyway become something more,something enchanted.
    I’ve enjoyed your Cuba pictures as well. Travel photos through the eye of an artist are usually the most interesting!

  4. I love the image of your studio in early spring…the light is fantastic, and of course, the work that it highlights is one of a kind. Thanks so much for sharing that photo since it truly is fleeting! Happy spring to all of you on The Cape, which I know will be springing forth in all its glory right about now. Here in NE PA we are finally seeing the renewal and rebirth that spring brings every year, and thanks to God for that…especially after our proLONGed winter. Your studio pix is another sign of spring which brings a smile to all of our faces.

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