7 thoughts on “Ireland 2013 (landscapes)

  1. Your wonderful photographs look a lot like our woods here in Oregon- small wonder that we enjoyed our time in Ireland so much- it’s good to feel kindred spirits. Thanks for posting these!

  2. yes Ireland is so beautiful a lot of that is thanks to the rain, they do get a great deal which makes for the emerald green and it being known as ter Emerald Isle

  3. Salley, when you take these trips overseas, are you able to walk much in their woods and gather items to incorporate into your work? I know you probably can’t bring them back through customs, but do you see many unusual acorns/caps there? If so, how different are they? Just curious!

    • Good question, Ellen. When traveling, we are on the move too much to search for natural objects and there is the customs issue. I concentrate the images I see and on take pictures home. I’ve found lots of variety of acorn caps in the US, though.

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