fairy girls in the studio


Last week, I had a delightful visit with Bronwyn Malicoat and a carload of girls, who drove to my studio in Falmouth, from Provincetown, which is at least a 1 1/2 hour ride from the other end of Cape Cod. It’s common knowledge that people from our different poles rarely visit each other (especially in the summer), because there is no direct route and the traffic can be a pain. But, I’m really glad that they came, bursting out of the car with their little fairies in hand. The girls are enrolled in Bronwyn’s summer craft program, which includes a good dose of fairy projects.

When they arrived, Rob and I were just finishing a photo shoot out on our patio.


Here, the girls are looking at the scene, which includes some of my doll projects. They’ll be in the 2nd edition of my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk. Sorry, but I can’t show any details until the book is published in 2015.


They were so proud of their fairies that they made earlier in the week.


They played with them the whole time they were outside.


They ate what was left of the blueberry crop and took photos of their fairies in the blueberry bushes.


Then, they looked around my studio and took more pictures.


It was a treat to spend time with Bronwyn and her students. Being the mother of sons, I have not been around young girls very much and being in their company brought back childhood memories of playing with my sister and friends. We would spend hours making things and setting up scenes to play with. Come to think of it, I still do that now!


11 thoughts on “fairy girls in the studio

  1. Oh boy I’m thrilled to hear there is going to be another how to book!
    Good luck with it, 2015 will be here before we know it and I can’t wait to get one.

    Happy Sewing

  2. Your post made me smile, not just because of the girls having such fun but the fact that you still “get to make things and set up scenes to play with.” How blessed you are!

  3. What a wonderful field trip that I am sure those girls will remember forever.
    I certainly enjoyed my visit to your studio and can’t wait to share your book of nursery rhymes with my grandson.
    Barb from Iowa

  4. Oh the world of delight in their eyes- especially the last photo with the tiny towhead gazing at the fairy treasures in wonder:-)

  5. I have a fairy garden hidden away in a corner of the yard, and it’s my granddaughters’ favorite place to explore. At one time there was a felt fairy living in a hollow log, but every morning she’d be someplace else, and one day we couldn’t find her. (I think the raccoons wanted a playmate.)

  6. Delightful times and photos…having the girls visit must have been “fair”-ly serendipitous since you and your husband were doing a photo shoot. It was perfect timing to share your love of all things “sprite-ly” and playful. I do think if we lived in Provincetown, I would gladly make the trip to visit Falmouth…although I do understand the summer traffic woes on The Cape. But it would be well worth a bit of stop and go in order to meet you personally. Lord willing, it will happen someday!

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