my garden


Yesterday, I picked the last of the blueberries and the first golden cherry tomatoes from our garden. We have a wire mesh cage to keep the birds away from the blueberry bushes. Still, chipmunks manage to get find a way in and fill their cheeks to capacity. Unlike the birds, they leave plenty of berries for us!


The lilies are just about gone, but the trumpet vine is flowering.



My husband Rob took the closeup photos of wildlife and flowers found in our garden this spring and summer. You can see more of his great pictures on Flickr here.











14 thoughts on “my garden

  1. Gorgeous photograph, but the chippie is my favorite. The sharpness & composition and everything else about the photo is perfect. We had blueberries where I grew up in Northern Michigan, but I never heard about chipmunks liking them.

  2. wonderful photos of your garden, our squirrels are not stripped like yours, little devils aren`t they but love watching them in the trees. The wild life photos are great, does DH have a special camera to get such close ups or are your wildlife companion friendly and pose for you? Lovely flowers too, the trumpet tree is splendid

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