Woods Hole July 4th parade


The Woods Hole 4th of July parade is a reflection of our community, with its mix of tradition and a characteristically unconventional celebration of freedom.


A grandmother and her two grandsons were armed with suds for bubble blowing.


july4FGraduate students from the Marine Biological Laboratory’s grass lab paraded down Water St.july4JOur own burlesque troupe, the Brazen Belles donned swim suits and bathing caps for the occasion.july4I



july4HAssistants from the Children’s School of Science celebrated the school’s centennial by impersonating the the Class of 1913.july4G

And we even had a classic car! It was wonderful to see everyone out and about.


4 thoughts on “Woods Hole July 4th parade

  1. Looks like we missed an interesting parade! Thanks for the pictures!

    Cannot believe the amount of cars on the road …………Wow! Jeremy

  2. Your pictures were so charming!!! An adorable community! Here, we had a cul de sac party in our neighborhood. The police came by, because we had one fireworks which went up too far. My 6 yr old grandson said, “The policeman was very respectful. We didn’t get under-arrested, or anything.” Hee!

  3. I love when you share your Fourth of July photos…they are pure Americana and I’d love to be In Woods Hole to see the parade in person. But seeing your images is almost just as good. Hope all is well and I look forward to seeing more of your summery happenings.

  4. Sorry I missed that one. The 20 plus of us observed the decorated bike parade in Falmouth…we didn’t have to fight traffic and that was cute and fun too! Thanks for the neat pics!

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