Birds poster giveaway winners


This was the most fun giveaway! Thank you to all of the participants– I loved reading your comments, with such entertaining stories and apt descriptions of your favorite birds. Tallying the count, every bird was acknowledged, but the flashy blue jay won the popularity contest. The crow, female cardinal and male cardinal (their pictures are below) also garnered quite a few votes of approval, too.

Soooo….the winners of the giveaway are Cindy and Jan Johnson. I will alert them by e-mail and send them each a Birds of Beebe Woods poster. If you are one of the 100 whose name wasn’t picked and you still want a poster (or note cards), they are available in my Etsy Shop. 




8 thoughts on “Birds poster giveaway winners

  1. It’s funny how we all respond to particular birds. I can see why the jay caught so many people’s eye. They are beautiful birds. But I hold a grudge against them because they’re bullies. Likewise, I watched a documentary about crows and am in awe of their intelligence. But, again, I hold a grudge because they’re noisy and domineering. And a dull black. But, you have managed to make each bird look regal with your splendid embroidery. Thus, as a true artist, you have invited us to look again at the world around us in a bit more detail and appreciate things a bit more. It is impossible not to love each and every bird you included in your piece. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. Hi there — I meant to write about a favorite bird story, but didn’t get it in on time. Thought you might enjoy it anyway.

    I grew up in the Berkshires, Cheshire. My father was a real animal lover. We lived in a creaky 1804 house, and my mother would set mice traps at night, and after she went to bed, my father would put out cheese here and there, hoping they’d be full before they spied her traps! Anyway, one year we found a robin with a broken wing in our yard. My father built a cage for it and attached it to the shed behind the house. We all picked night-crawlers at night to feed the robin, and he (she?) became quite tame after a while. My father would leave the cage open after it’s wing was healed, he robin would even sit on my brother’s and father’s shoulder. (Somewhere I have a picture of that — I’ll see if I can find it and send it to you)

    By fall, my father said we would have to let the robin go. So, with cage in hand, my parents and us 4 kids drove to the Bird Sanctuary in Lenox. I can still remember (I was probably about 10) walking into the middle of the meadow inside the Sanctuary, and my father putting the cage on the ground as we all stood around. The robin finally came out and flew around, flying bigger and bigger circles around us, and then finally flew away. It was quite a day. I’m sure the car was very quiet on the way home.

    I’ve always thought it would make a great children’s story.

    My sister lives in Mississippi, and is coming to Tucson, where I live, on May 5th. We are driving up to Oregon to see our older brother, and stopping in Fresno on the way to see your exhibit. Can’t wait! We love your art!

    Carolyn Webb Tucson, AZ.

    On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 7:06 AM, SALLEY MAVOR

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