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Slow Work… Fine Work, framed 8.5″ x 11″ Print

During this cold and snowy winter, I’ve been holed up in my studio, stitching a new piece. I’ve adopted the Chinese proverb, Slow Work… Fine Work as my new motto, which is featured in this modern-day sampler. Soon, I will show detailed photos of how I made it (here) and give information about buying this 8.5″ x 11″ signed print (now available in my Etsy Shop). The photo above shows the PRINT displayed in a standard document frame. It’s perfect fro a studio or sewing room. I think that artists, quilters, embroiderers, and other people who do slow, meticulous work are a special breed in our modern technical era. This piece is for us!

21 thoughts on “my motto

  1. In our often sad, frantic world, it takes a quiet mind to work small, detailed and with great care.Thank goodness there are people like you Salley.
    I love hand stitching too, but only came to it later in life.I used to live the chaotic fast paced life. Cramming in as much as I could.No way to live is it?

  2. I too love your motto. Mine this year is “Finish Something” or “Finish It”. I have to stop trying to multitask and begin projects without finishing. If I succeed, I’ll be putting your motto on my wall.

  3. So true…. whenever I rush I regret it. It takes the enjoyment out of the project and for me and the quality out of finished item.

  4. This is beautiful. When I first read what you said, that it is a Chinese Proverb. I immediatley thought of The Karate Kid and “wipe on, wipe off.” ;D

  5. I am part of a group that meets weekly at the local quilt shop who do hand work. Other quilters often stop by just to watch us. They are fascinated that we are content to slowly stitch while being with others. I guess we are not the norm of hurry up and get as many projects done as possible.

  6. Hi, great ! I completly understand what do you mean by Slow work Fine work, it’s because I’m chinese, and you are right, Slow work Fine work 😀

  7. I totally agree,and like Kim said its very Zen,just like the monks raking their dry pebble gardens daily in silence.
    ps. cann’t wait for the close ups

  8. I think one reason I like your work so much is that I have to slow down my mind to absorb it. It’s sort of like going on a miniature nature walk. The more you look, the more you see. ..Artistic ingenuity with depth….Your generosity is engaging.. Thank you..Thankyouverymuch!

  9. It’s unusual to have the time to create things slowly. Time spent on creating beautiful things is a refuge for me from the usual harried existence of the modern world. Looking forward to details of the sampler!

  10. I love it! The motto gives a kind of permission to enter into the long hours we spend creating and also tells why it is worth the effort. “I think to myself…what a wonderful world” we enjoy! Thank you, Salley….beautiful!

  11. I love it, and agree that we are special. Most people today want instant results, and we are happy to spend hours on our crafts often taking months or even years to complete something.

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